Project Redlight

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Project Redlight was established in 1972. Its main purpose is to take all the crashed UFOs for a test drive. It's a wonder these things still fly. Apparently the aliens never abducted Henry Ford! This test driving is mainly done at a secret military installation known as AREA 51 near Groom Dry Lake Nevada. It's a long, dry lake bed where they can put the pedal to the metal. This UFO test driving is important because these used UFOs can't be featured as FOR SALE through Alienade's UFO Warehouse unless they are safe to fly.

On May 18, 1987 a UFO was confiscated from one of the Gray aliens who terrorized Gulf Breeze, Florida resident Ed Walters. The alien's name was Oxoh. Oxoh failed to get his craft inspected for several centuries. Upon reaching Earth, the craft began to leak radiation. This is when engineer/physicist Bob Lazar came into the picture. Mr. Lazar worked on these craft at AREA 51. He knows how they fly! Lazar repaired Oxoh's craft.

A few months later, Lazar was fired from his "special" job at AREA 51. Since the craft was still under its 2 millenium warrantee, and had not been inspected, the warrantee lapsed, but Lazar worked on it anyway! This was grounds for Lazar's dismissal. Lazar also test drove a craft without being insured. Still, others claim Lazar was really fired because he knew too much about UFOs and aliens...which sounds utterly ridiculous to me.

More information on this topic will be available at a later time. Check these files again on a later date.


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UFO Schematic (tube)
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