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From an e-mail to Val Thor

   I recently visited your website and found it to be extremely informative and entertaining. 
--The Weekly Giggle


From Krill's Guestbook

The Greys have taken over the Earth! These evil aliens are genetically creating the anti-Christ at this very moment! Their leader is an alien known as Oxoh. He was created in the 1930's through gene-splicing techniques using Adolf Hitler's live body...yes, I said LIVE body! Hitler did not die in a fire...he was lifted off the planet by aliens...the Greys!! All of this alien interference was predicted by the "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce! We must act now! I ALSO WARN YOU FELLOW EARTHLINGS OUT THERE: VAL THOR IS NOT TELLING YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH! Be careful or you, too, will be duped! Val Thor's message is evil! He is in league with Satan! He is trying to warp your soul....beware, for he is a fallen angel! You may be having fun now, but you won't be laughing about aliens when they land on May 5, 2000 with a message of global calamity! They will ask you to get on board their craft to be saved....but it's a trick...they only want to abduct you! Surf to my website and read about all of this stuff...before it's too late!


An E-mail to Val Thor

I don't mind a laugh myself when it comes to the trivial.
However, when I see evil in high places, I tend to get sober rather quick.

"Will your theology stand the revelation of extraterrestrial intelligence?"


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