Project Plato

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Project Plato is the name of the agreement illegally made (so what are the "legal" agreements we have made with the aliens? Did you vote in favor of those agreements...I didn't) with the Gray aliens, in which the government condones alien abductions of a specified number of specific individuals in exchange for technological data.

Some well-known names number among those who have been abducted: Jim Morrison (supposedly dead rock performer), Madeline Murray O'Hare (public advocate of atheism), Marilyn Manson (alleged heavy metal music artist), Doug Henning (stage magician with bad teeth), etc.

If you wish to find out if you are on the "illegal" abduction list, check with Dr. Valium Thorazine for more details.

The   Alien-Celebrity   Connection

The following is a list of well-known people who have been reported TO BE aliens or abducted BY aliens.

Jimi HendrixJim Morrison
(The Doors)
Ace Frehley
Doug Henning
Dennis Dunaway
(Alice Cooper)
Marilyn Manson
Ted TurnerCharles Manson
David Bowie
(AKA Ziggy Stardust)
Adolf Hitler
KangBill Clinton
KodosBob Dole
George BushGerald Ford
George W. BushJimmy Carter
Jeb BushTom Petty
(Rock Star--Heartbreakers)
Pat BuchanonPhillip "Taylor" Kramer
(Rock Star--Iron Butterfly)
Ronald ReaganJessie Jackson
Jerry FalwellReggie Jackson
Bill O'Reilly
(FOX Network Anchor)
Daryl Strawberry
Jesse Ventura
Jim Carrey
Ted Nugent
(Rock Star/Gun Nut)
Adam Sandler

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