When I was a pre-teen in the mid 1970s, I was fascinated with the UFO magazine entitled "OFFICIAL UFO." I have been a UFO enthusiast ever since those years. To this day I have never seen any UFO magazine that has even come close to featuring the accuracy, excitment and realism that OFFICIAL UFO captured.

Although, as the years went by, OFFICIAL UFO changed management and soon after then began featuring more sensationalistic articles. By the early 1980s, OFFICIAL UFO was defunct. As a teenager I searched the store shelves for the magazine to realize that it had mysteriously disappeared. The former publishers probably would have liked its readers to believe that the men-in-black destroyed all the issues and threatened them with death if they didn't go out of business.

In the 1990s I was able to track down quite a few copies of the out-of-print UFO magazine -- copies of the same worn out issues my mother threw out after several years. Reading them again, I was able to re-capture a bit of my childhood wonderment and enthusiasm regarding UFOs. You just can't find such wonderful articles out there anymore. I am particularly agast and bored by all the stories of alien abduction and alien probing featured in modern-day UFO magazines. What ever happened to the exciting stories of alien contact, articles featuring UFO and alien sightings...with original pictures -- not the same old ones everybody sees with every garden-variety UFO story these days?!

My intent is to bring back this excitement by featuring a "Best of OFFICIAL UFO" section here on my website. I also would hope that this reaches those too young to have read the magazine when it was originally published. This section will contain links to the best articles from the best issues of the magazine...with the original photos, too!

Keep checking back here and watch for the links to the "Best of OFFICIAL UFO!"

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