UFO Night in Ecuador

-- Veronica Tamariz (08/01/99)

One night not long ago, I drove with my ufologist friend, Jaime Rodriguez, from Guayaquil to a shrimpfarm near the beach in San Antonio de Playas Ecuador. We had camara crew members, friends, and investigators with us. There was a full moon that night. We all gathered together glimpsing the sky.....just to see if we could see something unfamiliar......UFO'S !!!! Yes, we did indeed see UFOs that night. It was like they knew we were there!

Around 7 pm we saw a huge ball of orange yellowish light up in the sky. It was dark but we had the full moon with us, so it was the best UFO sighting I ever had. We called the San Antonio Air Force Base in Playas which was 5 minutes away. The control tower helped us track this UFO that night. In fact, the tower saw TWO lights!

After 1:00 am, we experienced some air traffic -- like airplanes -- but they weren't. We usually have airplane landings and departures every 45 minutes to an hour. But that night we saw many lights coming and going from every direction, with many of the lights heading towards the ocean. Many of us thought they were airplanes, but I knew they weren't because the air traffic was too obvious...too many UFOs crossing the sky. We stayed the whole night.

The next day we headed towards Guayaquil to visit the Simon Bolivar Airport as part of our investigation of the sightings we had the night before. No one is allowed to enter the control tower without permission, but we got in because of Jaime Rodriguez. The control tower's staff showed us what they had. We gave them the exact location we were that night. They told us there weren't any airplanes flying that night. SO THEY WERE UFO'S !!!!!

We went back to beach town of Playas to speak with the military's control tower. They told us this is POLIGONO DE TIRO -- 700 miles of aerial space belongs to the Air Force. It was incredible. Two Air Force officers spent the next night with us helping us investigate with "Brujula" -- an instrument to detect altitude, etc. They helped us that night because we don't have coverups! The U.S can't fool me -- I know and THEY know! In my own country the Air Force talks about it -- we have freedom of information. I really believe in UFOs. They do exist. We are not alone.