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The mystery page is dedicated to unusual photographs which usually contain unidentified subject matter. Sometimes these may be pictures of ordinary, everyday explainable objects. But there are normally serveral pictures which contain real live aliens (or dead ones).

See if you can identify what these pictures really are.

Right now we don't have too many posted, but there are more coming soon!

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MIB car outside my old house with UFO overhead

Caption Contest Winners

It's the molar, Doc. It's the molar!
Raymond from Ohio

Ooo....Baywatch! It's not intelligent life, but who cares!?
Tanya from Argentina

Krill on Jupiter says: "You should have called
1-800-COLLECT, and saved a dollar, or two, or
three million!"

Raymond from Ohio

Alien outside the locked gates of Area 51 says:
"Damn! I forgot my PIN number!"

Brent from Oregon

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