You are logged on to the Secret Projects server at "Alienade's UFO Warehouse." The following information still requires a high security clearance even though it has appeared in a book called "Somebody Else is on the Moon."

This information is from an excerpt from a Top Secret U.S. government dossier.

Fortification is maintained by someone on the dark side of the moon. This has been known since the 1960s. But "who" was up there in that moonbase was just discovered in the 1980s. The base called LUNA is run by a group of evil Gray aliens from Zeta Reticuli.

Many NASA photographs, which appear in the above mentioned book, show giant corrugated wheel tracks and huge drilling machines inside of craters! The aliens are said to be exploiting the natural resources of our moon for their own evil deeds!

Also, the photos reveal alien sculptures in the moon's cliffs and plains. There are also objects on the moon similar to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid at Geza! This was all published in the 1970s in a book you can check out from your local library!

Those stories and NASA pictures of pyramids and the face on Mars don't sound quite as silly anymore...hmmmm? And the military satellite "Clementine" discovered WATER on the moon! Why didn't our astronauts see this water, and if they did why didn't they say something about it?

Is there really a massive cover-up going on? Are there really aliens out there? Are there good ones, or are they all evil?! The truth is for you to decide. But I suggest you go to the library and check out that book!

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