Psychic Psychosis

Let's get back to something we can have more of a direct handle on. Many times psychics have been called upon by investigative authorities to evaluate situations, and in many cases what they have contributed has been very helpful. This was done in the case of animal mutilations back in 1980 by Peter Jordan, who engaged several psychics to render their impressions from photos and maps of mutilations and mutilation areas. What follows is a condensation of what was found during this exercise.

Name of Psychic: Ronald Mangravite

o This animal has been dead a few days.
o Some parts are decaying faster than others.
o There is an overload of electrolytes in the body possibly due to injection of a citrate.
o Something wrong with blood. Picking up higher portion of plasma which may be lymphatic fluid.
o Two men working on the animal. Very sharp surgical knives.
o Men dressed in black. Jumpsuits. Shiny black nylon.
o Winch line coming down from chopper.
o Men are skilled ex-military.
o Something is going to be done with the tissue.
o Flurometry connection. Spectrophotometers.
o Choppers are brown or grey.
o Underground implications.
o Experimentation with different analytical techniques.

Name of Psychic: Elisabeth Lerner

o Paramilitary forces.
o A serious invasion of American privacy.
o Non-American Indians part of secret project.
o The word "Annide."
o The word "Carmine" or "Karmine."
o The symbol "dk."
o A new wave of mutilations will strike near southwest New Mexico.

o The Hobart Company is involved in this. (Refrigeration equipment?)
o Three huge, doughnut-shaped objects will be seen in conjunction with these new mutilations.
o Breakthrough in research.
o Muscle relaxant injections.
o Someone with the name "Empeda."
o This is a Mexican operation.
o Names "Kielman" and "Kelman."
o Institution with many Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs.

o Laboratory underground.
o Lilly Pharmaceuticals.
o Roman numerals IVIII [sic].
o Name "Stephano."
o The number "1714."
o Last name "Audler."
o First name "Mase."
o Last name "Audli."
o Jet rocket labs nearby.
o Domes above the ground.
o Vehicle ID # MP 1936. Small jeeps.

o Last name "Plento."
o Initials "C.B.P." heads operation. Wears brown military shoes. Army.
o Number "1161."
o Around an oil field.
o Place where oil crosses in an "X" pattern.
o Chemical engineering connections.
o Mustard.
o Periscope device on bottom of craft. Chopper called "The Shark."
o Man with blond hair. English features. High forehead. Wears square ring. Insignia reads "C.B.P." Has something to do with ammunition. Colonel.

Name of Psychic: Nancy Fuchs

o Dusk scene. Men talking about some animal's throat. Something missing.
o Cylindrical object.
o Long thick object inserted into jugular vein.
o Powerful energy flow emanating from device used to kill cattle.

o Feeling of tremendous anger and hostility.
o Research implication. Minerals needed for research.
o Intimidation of rancher Gomez.
o Embryos.
o Thousands of samples needed for this breeding effect.
o Crossbreeding.
o Animal dies in seconds.
o Jolts of electricity through animal.
o Breeding and genetics involved.
o Army background.
o Liquid-filled shoes leave no prints.

o Marshall. Army. Cap with black rim and gold braid. Pompous. White-haired. Very influential. Walks into Pentagon whenever he pleases. Commission given 15-18 years ago for mutilation project when he was overseas. Grand Marshall. Friend of General MacArthur. Lives in Dakotas. Money invested. High- priority issue. Tall. Heavyset. Only 17 people know of this.
o Project with $2.5 million allocated early in game for breeding experimentation. Late 1960s through Pentagon. More and more money invested every year.

o Land wanted. Want to destroy ranchers prime source of income.
o John Mitchell connected to this.
o Howard Hughes.
o Uranium connection.
o Picture complex. Faction-ridden.
o Interest in speeding up growth of cattle.
o Importance of pancreas.