Project Joshua

You have just logged on to the SECRET PROJECTS server at "Alienade's UFO Warehouse." Do not be alarmed. You are about to learn something about aliens and government conspiracies. Just hope you don't get caught! The following is from a document from a U.S. government dossier.

In the late 1980s, Project Joshua was finally completed. Another one of President Reagan's alien defense systems. This time he wasn't messing around. Since his SDI "Star Wars" project fell through, he needed another ploy to foil the aliens...uh, I mean the Russians.

Project Joshua used low frequency sound waves to disable UFOs...uh, I mean enemy air craft. Supposedly a sound with low frequency (long wavelength) downed a saucer...uh, the New Mexico desert in the 1980s. (Isn't this how the aliens were defeated in the movie "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers?" President Reagan never forgot those old movies did he?) Based on this reasoning, since the wavelength of infra-red light produces even lower frequency waves, the saucers shouldn't even be able to fly at all, since this exists in the entire electromagnetic spectrum at all times!

Are you confused? Well...we're gettin' there! Do you want another pseudo-science lesson? Or is what I'm claiming 100% accurate? You be the judge! After all, truth is subjective, you know.

You are ILLEGAL visitor number Aw...that's OK. Keep readin', Sherlock.