Michael O'Keefe

The Real "Fox Mulder"


Muskogee High School; Muskogee, OK
1982-1985: Cum Laude

Northeastern State University; Tahlequah, OK
1985-1990: B.S./B.S.Ed in Mathematics with Honors

Oklahoma State University; Stillwater, OK
1990-1992: Pure Mathematics Master's Program

Northeastern State University; Tahlequah, OK
1992-1994: M.S. in Mathematics with Honors


Central Intelligence Agency; Arlington, VA
Clandestine Services Trainee -- 1990

UFO Investigator's League: Lifetime Member (Badge #991) -- since 1992

Psychic Research Group: "Investigation of M-Fields and Discovery of L-Fields" (#10979R) -- 1992

Master's Thesis: "Unique Factorization in Rings of Algebraic Integers" -- 1994

Mathematical Peer Reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Mathematics: "Dimensional Families of Hypersphere Packings" -- 1997

Georgia State Director of UFO Disclosure Movement -- 2000-Present


Graduate Teaching Assistant in Mathematics; OSU, 1990-1992

Record Producer (Independent); produced the Ft. Gibson, OK band Glass Moon, 1992

Lecturer of Mathematics; NSU, 1992-1994

Director of Math Studies; CVLC, 1994-1995

Instructor of Mathematics (part-time); Darton, 1995-Present

Assistant Director of Math Lab; Darton, 1998-Present

Educational Curriculum Consultant; ASU, 1998-1999

High School Math Teacher; 2000-Present


American College of Metaphysics; Sussex, England:
D.Sc. (Doctorate in Progress by Correspondence)

Research Reports:

"L-Fields and their Relation to Broken Symmetry in Quantum Physics"

"Parallel Universes: A Statistical Scam"

"From Zero to Infinity: God Collapses the Quantum Wave Function"

"M-Fields and the Life Force"

"Quantum Numerology & Its Applications"

Alien Ade's UFO Warehouse


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