Your Free Mystery Link

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Acceptable humor, witty quotes sites, games, contests, and MORE are all par for the course! Provided free by Alienade. You may place your mystery link anywhere and in anyway on your site that you wish.

When visitors click on your text or image, it directs them to our mystery link page which resides on our server. When they click on the "MYSTERY LINK" button they will be able to view the current mystery site. The mystery URL changes every time your page is loaded! This will keep your visitors wondering what's coming next!

To get your mystery link, email us at

All you need to do is place the words "mystery link" in the subject line of the email.

Within a few minutes to a couple of days, our site manager will email you the URL to place on your page. It's as easy as that! Use whatever image or text you want on your page for your visitors to click on.


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