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Character Guide


Goku is the main chracter in the DragonballZ series. Goku is also one of the last four Saiyjans in the universe! (Saiyans are a nearly extinct warrior race that have the ability to turn into giant ape like creatures at the light of the full moon, thanks to thair monkey like tails) Goku was originaly sent to Earth (at age 1) to destroy all life forms and get the whole planet ready to be sold by his fellow Saiyjans. But when goku landed, he was quickly discovered by an old man. Goku was very wild until he fell and hit his head. When he woke up he was a lovable little boy. Goku is Earths greatest protector and is also the first to become a Super Saiyjan.


Radditz was Goku's big brother that came to Earth, a few years after Gohan (Goku's son) was born, to see how well Goku had done his job! only to discover that Goku had not been doing his job.