7 PWPML4D '92B<hfPCHAPTERFIVE  THEMYSTERIOUSMIBs   **] [* HighWeirdness#7:TheMen-In-Black    As you have read earlier in this book (Case #2), after aperson sees a UFO, weird men dressed in black suits, blackhats, and sunglasses drive up in their old black cars and question the witness.But who or what are the MIBs (Men-In-Black)? Are theysecret agents such as those in the movie Men In Black? Arethe MIBs secretly working for the government? Do they wantto keep people from learning about the UFOs being made andtested at Area 51? Are they trying to keep it a secret thatthere are real aliens on Earth? Or are the MIBs sneaky,underhanded aliens themselves? It is not silly to ask "who or what are the MIBs?" Thisis a very good question. As you read in the Maury IslandStory in the beginning of this book, the MIB that visitedMr.Dahl seemed to act like a robot and not like a man atall. Mr.Dahl did not think that the robot-like MIB wastrying to protect him or the Earth from harmful invaders asthe MIBs do in the movie.Real MIBs seem to be very different from the ones in themovie Men In Black. MIBs probably aren't WHO we think theyare. UFOlogists think that the MIBs aren't men at all. They believe that the MIBs are not a WHO, but a WHAT!45 ThreeMIBReports On January 19, 1967, Tad Jones sighted a UFO in Dunbar,West Virginia around 9:00 that morning. Mr.Jones told noone of his UFO encounter, but nevertheless, a mysteriousmessage was slipped under his front door in the middle of thenight by a weird man dressed in black. On the morning of January 20, Mr.Jones found the letter on the floor and read it. It said: "We know what you have seen...you'd better keep your mouth shut. You won't be warned again."Two months before Tad Jones' encounter, Connie Carpenterhad one of her own. It was about 10:30 in the morning whenMiss Carpenter saw Mothman flying above her car in Mason,West Virginia. Then on February 22, 1967, Connie was walking to school. A large black 1949 Buick pulled up along the curb next to her. The car door opened. It was a MIB car!The MIB asked her to come over and give him directions because he said he was lost. As she got closer to the car, the MIB tried to grab her! She took off running. Later that night (actually 3:00 in themorning), a knock was at her front door. When she opened it, she found a note on the floor. It said: "Be careful girl, I can get you yet."Around the same time as the Tad Jones and Connie Carpenterencounters, a West Virginia newspaper reporter wrote somearticles about UFOs and Mothman. After they were printed, aweird man dressed like a MIB visited her when she was workingat the office late one night. He had a bowl-haircut and wasdressed very badly for the cold weather. But the coldweather didn't bother him at all. It was as if he were nothuman!This MIB was also lost. He asked the reporter, Mrs.Hyre,for directions. She offered him her ball-point pen to writedown the instructions. As she gave him the directions, hejust stood and stared at the ink pen. He examined it as ifhe had never seen one before. It was just an ordinary inkpen...but apparently they don't have those where the MIBscome from!46 This weird little man, who had a hypnotic gaze in his eyes and talked like a robot, was seen leaving in a long blackCadillac! He was definitely a MIB!**** MIBWarning! A person needs to be careful if they have seen a UFO, orany of the creatures or monsters that come out of them.People who see a UFO up close, or from a distance, have beenvisited by the mysterious Men-In-Black. Usually, the MIBstell them not to talk about what they have seen. Then theMIBs leave.So be cautious if you have seen a UFO, Mothman, orBigfoot. The MIBs could be on their way to your house to askyou some questions...or leave you a scary note!  **** TheThreeMIBs&theUFOWriter  In the 1960s, a knock was heard at the door of a writerwho was working on his latest book "Flying Saucers: Fact orFiction?" When his wife answered the door, a weird manwith a white, pasty complexion with a bowl-haircut justwalked right in. He wore a black hat, and black suit, andappeared to be wearing lipstick. The women quickly calledher husband into the living room. The MIB claimed to be with an insurance company. He toldthe family that they inherited some money from their UncleMorton who had recently died. The writer told the MIB thathe didn't have an uncle by that name. Then the MIB immediate-ly admitted his mistake. But before he left to find the'real family of Uncle Morton' he asked if he could rest. Asif he were a robot with failing batteries he said that hisenergy was running low.47 As he rested, he crossed his legs. After putting one legover the other one, the leg of his pants pulled upward toreveal a mechanical device attached to his leg. A green wirewas attached to the device at one end, and the other end ofthe wire was attached to his leg, running right under hisskin!A few minutes later, an old black car pulled up outsideand two other MIBs came to the door for their friend. Beforethe MIB 'insurance man' left with his MIB friends, he toldthe writer "Stop researching about UFOs!"  **** MIBsandUFOMagazines In the middle of the 1970s, an office that publishes a UFO magazine was broken into. Lots of the old issues of themagazine that were lying around the office were ripped inhalf or torn and burned in a metal waste paper basket next toa magazine writer's desk. Bullet holes had also been foundin the desks, walls, and glass display cases in the lobby.When the security camera video tape was played, it showedthree MIBs doing all of the destruction!For some unknown reason, the MIBs do not want people tolearn about real aliens and the UFOs they fly. And they willdo anything to keep you from knowing the truth! Even people who have never had an alien or UFO encounterhave been visited by the MIBs. Many people who write aboutUFOs have been visited. Even people who just read about themin books and magazines have been visited!*** TheMIBsKnowWhatYouRead! In the late 1980s, a young boy was sitting at home duringsummer vacation reading about his favorite topic...UFOs. Hewas alone for a couple of hours while his parents were atwork. About an hour before his mother returned home, a knockwas heard at the door. The boy knew he was not supposed toopen the door while he was alone at home. The knockingbecame louder and more furious. Being curious, the boy peeked out of a window so he could see who was at the door. His48 eyes first caught a glimpse of the long, shiny, black carparked against the curb. Then he saw what appeared to be aMIB knocking at the door!The boy quickly closed the curtains in front of the window.But it was too late...the MIB had seen him peeking out! Thenthe MIB began banging on the door even harder. Soon the MIBstarted to yell: "Listen to me...you will stop reading aboutUFOs! We know what you're reading and when you read it! Donot read any more books about aliens! Do not watch things onTV about UFOs and aliens! We will get you!" The MIB went away, and a few seconds later the boy's mothercame home...just in time to see the MIB car drive away.So please be very careful. Just by reading this book youcan be putting yourself in danger! Don't be surprised if yousee a MIB sometime soon. The MIBs are everywhere!**** Activity#6:HowtoSpotaMIB  Firstof all, you need to be able to recognize a MIB ifyou see one. Here are some pointers.1.Not every man dressed in a black hat, black suit and wearing sunglasses is a MIB. Sometimes plain, ordinary  men dress this way. But if a man is dressed this way and acts weird or looks weird, then he could be a MIB!Acting or looking 'weird' could mean the following: 2. A MIB's skin color is usually very pasty white or extremely tan in appearance. 3. MIBs usually speak with a strange accent. Lots of times they talk like a robot running out of energy. They might even say that they are running low on  energy! 4.Most MIBs that have been reported have walked stiff and mechanical...like a robot!5.Many MIBs wear black suits that don't fit them very well. The jacket is usually too big and the pants are usually too short.49 6.Underneath their black hats they usually have black hair with a bowl-haircut. At other times the MIBs end up being completely bald. Sometimes these bald MIBs wear  very bad wigs.7.Sometimes these mysterious men wear lipstick.8.The MIBs usually drive very old black cars that look shiny and brand new. Sometimes the MIBs drive new cars...just about any kind, but mainly limosines, Buicks, and Cadillacs -- and they are always black!9.MIBs act very weird according to many reports. On one occasion a MIB was invited to dinner and he tried  to drink a bowl of jello! Another MIB was offered an after-dinner cigarette...and he tried to eat it! 10. Sometimes MIBs aren't MIBs at all. They are women. Then they are called WIBs (Women-In-Black) if they look and act weird.**** Activity#7:WhattoDo(andNOTDo) IfYouEncounteraMIB  1.DO write a letter to a UFO organization or magazine, if you see a MIB. You may even want to write to the author  of this book. Make sure your letter describes what you  saw. 2.DO NOT let a MIB see you. Watch him from a distance! 3.DO get away froma MIB as fast as you can! 4.DO NOT try to talk to a MIB. It is highly dangerous! 5.DO hang up the phone immediately if a MIB calls you!  Sometimes MIBs call on the telephone. If the phone rings and you pick it up and the line is quiet or dead, hang up! The MIBs may use this tactic to brainwash their victims.   Occasionally the MIBs will speak over the phone in  their usual robot-like manner, while threatening you! 50  At times weird sounds similar to a fax or computer  phone-line communication may be heard on the other end of  a MIB call; these noisy calls were reported in earlier days  when computer communication over the phone did not exist!  Today it may be easy to be tricked by the 'noisy' MIB phone  call...it might sound like a computer! DO NOT listen to this 'noise'...it may damage your mind or even kill you! 6.DO tell someone if you find a letter or note from a MIB  in your mailbox or shoved under your front door. You  might even want to tell the police about it. 7.DO try to get to a place where there are a lot of people if you think you are being followed by a MIB.MIBs usually  contact UFO witnesses when they are alone or isolated from  others.   8.DO NOT leave your UFO books in plain sight. If you own a  lot of UFO books or magazines, you may want to keep them  hidden in a box. This usually helps to keep the MIBs from  somehow 'tuning in' to the fact that you are reading about  UFOs.  9.DO NOT ever read your UFO books at night.The MIBs will  'tune in' to this with their ESP and pay a night time vis- it to your bedroom! Keep your UFO book reading to a mini- mum. Only read one at a time. DO NOT read them every day.  You should read about UFOs and aliens only three times a  week. 10.If you talk to or see a MIB (or alien, monster, UFO, etc.)  then your house may become haunted! Usually, thehaunt- ing takes the form of poltergeist activity. If you DO  experience a haunting, then DO NOT stay alone! Leaving  the house may not help...MIB and UFO hauntings usually  follow the victim to other places! So it's safer not to  be alone. 51 GLOSSARYOFTERMS  Brainwash: The ability to change or erase the victim's mind by using psychology or by using other things like special devices, machines, ESP, hypnosis, or giving the victim drugs. The MIBs do not want you to remember your UFO or alien experience, oranything you have learned about real aliens and the UFOs they fly!Fax: Short for facsimile machine. An electronic device thatenables printed messages to be sent by the use of a telephone.Poltergeist: An entity or energy that appears to move objectsaround in a room. Poltergeists cause objects to float, fly,break, disappear, or transport from one location to another. Many times poltergeists turn electronic devices such as radiosand televisions on and off. Sometimes poltergeists makenoises appear from nowhere. Poltergeists have also beenreported to take a physical ghostly appearance. 52