E PWPML4D '92B<hfPCHAPTERFOUR  WEIRDNESSONTHEROAD   **] [* HighWeirdness#5:MysteriousLights  Many travelers and townspeople have reported strangelights along the countrysides of the United States for decades. During August 1951, a V-shaped formation of lights overLubbock, Texas was seen by many witnesses. Among thesewitnesses was a group of professors from Texas Tech who reported the weird, noiseless, glowing blobs of light. A few nights after the sighting of the professors, a student from Texas Tech photographed the 'Lubbock Lights' from his bed- room window. To this day, no one is exactly sure what the 'Lubbock Lights'are. Some say they are a natural atmospheric phenomenon,while others say they are birds...but most say they are UFOs!Levelland, Texas is also known for its mystery fireballs.On November 2, 1957, along Highway 116 near Levelland, Jos‚ Salav and Pedro Saucede were driving a delivery truck. As theengine began to die, the two men looked up to see a huge fireball heading straight for them! They were so frightened thatthey jumped out of the truck. Luckily, the fire ball didn'thit them...it kept flying -- ripping through the sky on itsway closer to Levelland.Minutes later, Jim Wheeler's car engine stalls on a dark road in Levelland. His headlights also go out. The onlything that lit the night was the huge fire ball, which wasnow hovering over the road up ahead. As soon as the mystery light floated out of view, Wheeler's car started back up! The Levelland fireballs appear to pro-duce EME (the electromagnetic effect) just like the UFOs wementioned earlier in this book.For centuries Marfa, Texas has been invaded by weirdlights dancing in the sky. So have other hot spots acrossthe country. 36 California has its haunted Mt.Shasta. People who hikenear the mountain see strange lights flow and ooze throughthe air like ghosts! Some UFOlogists think that a civili- zation of aliens live in the caves of Mt.Shasta! Some saythese aliens have dug tunnels deep under the Earth's surfaceso that they could build hidden cities there. In the northwest, mystery lights seem to haunt Diamond Peak and Williamette Pass in Oregon. People driving theircars in this vicinity may see a brilliant display of ghostlights and sizzling fire balls.Washington also has its share of dancing mystery lightsin Yakima and Toppenish. Watching these lights is much likewatching a lava lampooze all over the sky!***  HighWeirdness#6:OzLand When ghost lights, haunted houses, mysterious men dressedin black, Bigfoot, and other monsters are connected with thelittle green men that fly UFOs, researchers can't resistthinking about the land of Oz-- or Alice and her weirdadventures in Wonderland.Some UFO investigators agree that the strange happeningsconnected with aliens and UFOs are so common and numerousthat they have developed a special term for these events.Any UFO or alien encounter having any of these highly weirdevents connected with it are said to exhibit the 'Oz Factor'. In the 1970s, UFOlogists were beginning to accept thepossibility that real aliens and the UFOs they fly actually exist in an Oz Land...in another dimension!37 AliensfromAnotherDimension It is believed that the universe is made of differentdimensions. For example, UFOlogists say that the aliens liveright along next to uson Earth...we can't see them becausethey are in another dimension!Imagine being in your house watching TV all alone. Ifyou look around you will see no one...nothing but the thingsin the room. But in another dimension of reality, an aliencould be there sitting in the chair next to you...he isinvisible inside another dimension!Are Bigfoot creatures, the MIBs, and other monsters -- as well as the aliens -- living in another dimension along sideour own? Are ghost-like happenings, monsters like Mothman,and dancing mystery lights really the aliens and UFOs coming out of an invisible doorway from another dimension? **** WeirdLights&InvisibleBeings   In the mid 1990s, Pensacola, Florida (a city along theGulf Strip), experienced weird flying lights in the night skyand strange ghostly happenings in the churches. Seeminglyinvisible 'spirits' definitely appear to be at work! In nearby Gulf Breeze, Florida, a man by the name of Ed Walters was having his own experiences with weird lights -- UFOs were shooting blue beams at him! Some Gray aliens latershowed up at his house in his bedroom one night! Walters andother Gulf Breeze residents have seen the UFOs and have takenphotos of them.**** DimensionalDoorways It is very likely that there is a dimensional doorwaysomewhere along the Gulf Strip, and the aliens are flyingtheir UFOs out of that doorway...from Oz Land into our land!It is also quite likely that a dimensional doorway exists in the Pacific Northwest, around Oregon and Washington. Notonly are a lot of mystery lights and Bigfoot seen in this area, but just south of McMinnville, Oregon a tremendous number of UFOs can be seen flying around!38 If you're looking for another dimensional doorway to Oz,you may want to drive the highways of Wyoming.*** TheWonderfulWizard'sinWyoming On July 22, 1978, two young women were on their way toNebraska. Mickie Eckert and Kathy Echard were driving alongInterstate 80 East. It had just gotten dark. As the girls approached the Wyoming-Nebraska border on their way out of Wyoming, they caught sight of some mystery lights bobbing upand down off the side of the road up ahead.As they drove closer to the lights, these ghostly, glowing,oozing balls magically transformed...into a sports car! It seems as though this mystery car drove out of a dimensionaldoorway...and was heading straight for them! Mickie andKathy turned their car around on the highway and drove athigh speed in the opposite direction. The sports carfollowed!The girls kept looking back from time to time, to see ifthe car was still chasing them. The last time they lookedback, they saw the sports car engulfed in little circles oflight. Then the sports car and circles of light transformed into a line of several tractor-trailer trucks...still chasingthe girls! But the girls finally left the rigs behind.Mickie and Kathy continued to burn rubber until they gotto Salt Lake City, Utah...where a glowing, basketball-sizedlight began following them! It chased them back into theopposite direction on the highway...back to Wyoming. Therewas still no sign of the mystery rigs. Once they came upon afairly good-sized town, the two girls decided they would stop at a house and call the police.Once they got into Evansville, Wyoming, not a light intown was on...not even a porch light! Evansville appeared tobe where the dimensional doorway was opened...fire balls andUFOs were appearing out of nowhere! The girls couldn'tstop -- not in Evansville. The UFOs and fire balls that were chasing them turned back into tractor-trailer trucks once again. 39 Mickie was still at the wheel burning rubber. When the girls looked back to check on the ghost trucks, they wereterrified to catch a glimpse of a small alien being sitting in the back seat of their car! This is when the car began to experience EME -- it stalled on Highway 80 in the middle of the night. Mickie and Kathy jumped out of the car. To their surprise a weird black dog with red glowing eyes was lurking around the highway. There was no sign of thestrange UFO-trucks, but out of nowhere another car pulledup. When the man got out to ask the girls what was wrong,there wasn't a sign of any mystery lights, ghost trucks, UFOsor aliens...even the spooky black dog had vanished!Apparently all the aliens, UFOs, and other weird thingsdisappeared back into their own dimension -- back through thedoorway to Oz Land. *** Activity#4:HowtoSpotUFOs&Aliens As you have read in this book, there are many places youmay go in order to see weird lights and other UFO-relatedevents. Some of you may live in these mysterious locationsthat you are reading about...or live near enough to them sothat you can travel there easily.If you don't live near any of the weird areas mentionedin this book, that's OK. You can easily find a place tosee UFOs near you...maybe even from your own backyard!1.Where? a) Most UFOs are seen away from the city. So go out hiking along the countryside nearest you...or your backyard if you live outside the city. b) Find an area with pine trees if you can. Lots of the photographs of UFOs contain pine trees. It is not known why so many UFOs fly around these trees, but you  will be more likely to see a UFO in a pine tree area.  c) You may also want to look for UFOs near electric power  lines. UFOs hover near power lines to steal energy from them. Why they do this, we do not know. 40 2.When? a) UFOs are seen mostly on very overcast days. So go out watching for UFOs when it looks like it might rain. b) If it's not overcast, go UFO watching at night. Look for mystery lights in the sky. c) UFOs also show up during an eclipse of the sun or an eclipse of the moon. Check an encyclopedia or almanac to find out when the next solar or lunar eclipse is in your area.3.What? When looking for UFOs under these conditions, you will need some supplies. Here's what you need:  a) Rain coat with hood (or umbrella) b) Flashlight c) Camera d) Notebook e) Radio f) Snacks g) Tent (optional)4.Tips a) If it starts to rain, keep dry with your coat hood or umbrella. If it starts to storm (lightning, hail, etc),  go inside your house and watch the sky from a window. If you are camping away from home, go inside your tent and watch for UFOs from there. b) Set up your tent at least 20 feet from the nearest tree. This serves as protection from heavy falling branches and lightning strikes during a storm. c) Use your UFO notebook to write down anything about the UFO sighting. Write down the time of the sighting and describe what the UFO looked like and what it did. If you have your camera ready, take a picture of it. Also make a drawing of it in your notebook, just in case the photo doesn't turn out right. If you see any aliens, make a drawing and take a picture of them too! d) Use your flashlight to light your way if you decide to walk toward a UFO landing site at night. Also shine it from your look-out post if you hear any weird noises... you just might see an alien sneaking up from behind a tree! e) Use your radio to listen to weather reports or music. Your radio will also work like a device called a UFO detector. If a UFO is flying nearby, the radio will make crackling static noises or go out completely from the EME activity. f) Most importantly, take some friends and snacks along. It's more fun to watch for UFOs with friends...and friends will want snacks!41 Sometimes it's easier to see aliens, because aliens areeverywhere! Even if a UFO isn't in sight, aliens can stillbe spotted walking among us...if you know what to look for.5.How to tell if a person is an alien:  a) If they have a very white or pasty skin color...they  could be an alien. b) If they can't wear a wind-up wrist watch because it always stops working...they could be an alien. c) If they make good grades in school and talk about things you don't understand...they could be an alien.  d) If they read a lot of science fiction books or watch a lot of science fiction movies...they could be an alien. e) If they love to read about, talk about, or watch for UFOs...they could be an alien.  f) If they walk or talk like a robot sometimes...they could be an alien.  g) If they sometimes wear a silver space suit with an emblem of a winged serpent on it...they could be an  alien. h) If they have long green tentacles and one big eye in  the middle of their forehead...they ARE an alien! 42 Activity#5:TakeaRoadTrip The next time you're on the road, pay careful attentionto the sky. Many UFOs can be sighted on long road trips.Also, sightings of monsters and other weird creatures haveusually been made in great numbers by those traveling on theroad. So keep your eyes open for Bigfoot, Mothman, aliens,and MIBsthe next time you're in the car!If you and your family have the time, plan a crosscountrytrip during the early summer or late autumn. This is a timeof the year when parents like to be off work for vacation, kids are out of school, and UFOs and monsters are on the loose for all to see! If you are willing to follow a route through an area onthe maps we include in the back of the book, make sure to plan your tripproperly. This includes renting or borrowing an RV for a couple of weeks. Do not travel the suggested areas in a car...you will not have fun! In a car you will feel cramped and trapped, and hotel stays add up to big bucks! You would have more fun sleeping in an RV or camper.But regardless of what kind of vehicle you use, make sure it is fully equipped with heating and air conditioning, and have a mechanic check your vehicle before you leave. Alsomake routine checks on the vehicle's fluid levels while onyour journey.Don't forget: beware of EME activity! Your car may stalland your headlights might fade, and the radio may quitworking. But this is only temporary-- until the UFO leavesthe area!**** TheETHighway,Area51,andRachel  There could be some interesting places to note along yourtrip. In Nevada, if you travel Highway 375, watch for roadsigns with aliens and UFOs on them. Highway 375 is nowcalled the Extraterrestrial Highway...and that's what thesigns say! You can follow the ET Highway into the littletown of Rachel. Along the road you will see a restaurantwith a sign with aliens and UFOs on it. This is the LITTLEA'LE'INN. Go inside for a cold drink and lunch, dinner, orbreakfast. If you stop by there at night, go outside andwatch the sky to the south...Area 51 is less than 30 milesin that direction! You just might see some UFOs! And oh, yes, watch out for strange black cars on the road.The driver may be a mysterious Man-In-Black! The MIBs will do anything to keep you from sighting real aliens and the UFOsthey fly. The MIBs are everywhere!43 GLOSSARYOFTERMS Atmospheric Phenomenon: Anything that occurs in theatmosphere (air) such as lightning, fireballs (shootingstars, meteors), strange lights explained as somethingnatural happening in the atmosphere, like lightning, etc.Extraterrestrial (ET): An alien from outer space.Gray Aliens: A group of aliens that are gray in color, havingvery large heads and large black eyes. These are the kind ofaliens that usually abduct people. Beware of them!Lunar Eclipse: When the Earth travels between the sun and themoon, the Earth's shadow is cast on the moon. The shadowslowly edges across the moon, seeming to cause the moon todisappear. The eclipse usually lasts less than an hour. Then the Earth's shadow moves off of the moon, and the moonappears to shine once again.Solar Eclipse: When the moon travels between the Earth andthe sun, the moon's shadow is cast on the Earth, blocking outthe sun. The sun seems to disappear when this happens. If atotal eclipse occurs, the sun is entirely blocked out, andthe day turns to night. A solar eclipse usually lasts lessthan 30 minutes. Then the moon's shadow moves off of theEarth, and the sun appears once again.UFO Detector: Any device, such as a machine (usuallyelectronic), used to detect when a UFO is in your area. Thedevice may beep, hum, flash its warning lights, or crackleand pop with noisewhen a UFO is coming.  44