H: PWPML4D '92B<hfPCHAPTERTHREE ALIENSWALKAMONGUS!   **] [* Case#7:AliensLandatHollomanAFB! On April 25, 1964, at 5:30 in the morning (a little morethan 12 hours after the Socorro, New Mexico landing), an un- identified aircraft showed up on the radar scopes at HollomanAir Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico."Unidentified approaching objects -- on coordinate 49-er-- 34 degrees southwest following an erratic approach course,"announced the radar operator."This is Holloman Air Force Base control tower...identifyyourself!" said the tower radio man. "You are encroaching onmilitary air space. Warning...what is your tail number? Youare in a restricted military air corridor!"The unknown craft didn't respond. The base was put onred alert. The personnel at Holloman quickly called Edwards AFB and Wright-Patterson AFB...and even NASA...to ask if they were testing a secret experimental craft or space module. The answer was no.The UFO was still coming in for a landing. Two interceptor jets were sent up from the Holloman runway. The interceptors were to escort the UFO out of the area. Also in the air wasa photographic team of military cameramen on a helicopter.They were shooting film of this UFO...as well as two otherUFOs trailing behind it!The other two UFOs shot off into space. The jets were unable to force the third object away from the base...it wasstillcoming in for a landing! Another military camera teamon the ground shot 600 feet of 16 mm high-speed film as theUFO approached the runway!The UFO, which was shaped like a bath tub, wobbled as ithovered 10 feet over the runway before setting down on threeof its pod legs. The craft was in trouble...its fourth legdidn't come down like it was supposed to, but it made a safelanding. The Holloman base commander, two base officers, andseveral Air Force scientists stood outside the craft, waitingfor its occupants to disembark.27 Before long, a panel on the side of the craft slid open,and three aliens stepped out! They had a blue-gray skincolor, wide set eyes with vertical pupils, a large pronounced nose,and wore tight-fitting, white coveralls (these were actually the same aliens that landed in Socorro the day before). Each alien also carried a rod-like device in one hand. The rods were communication translators which allowed the aliens and humans to talk to one another in their own language, while the translator decoded what was being said.Then the camera crew stopped shooting film as the myster-ious UFOnauts were escorted to the west side of the base tobuilding No.930 at the end of Mars Street. Once inside,the aliens had a conference with military officials and a secret government agent known as Falcon. In the late 1980s, on a special TV program about UFOs and aliens, Falcon admitted that the military made a deal with the aliens: the aliens would give the U.S.military some of their high-tech weapons, if the military gave them back their alien friends' dead, preserved bodiesthat were found in UFOcrashes. More than 1000 feet of motion picture film was taken ofthe three UFOs-- including the landing, aliens exiting thecraft, and the conference in building No.930. It hasbeen seen by several people, but military officials now keepit in hiding, claiming that there is no such film. Themilitary also claims that no such alien event ever occurred.*** 28 Case#8:ThePascagoulaCreatures The Gulf Strip states saw a lot of UFO and alien activityin 1973. Even today, there are still many strange thingsgoing on with UFOs and ETs down in these southern states. OnOctober 11, 1973, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker werefishing just off the bank of the Pascagoula River in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Around sunset, a blue glowing UFOzipped through the sky, making its way closer to the twofishing men. Calvin Parker fainted as the UFO came withinvery close range of them and hovered a couple of feet abovethe water.A side panel on the craft slid open and two aliensfloated out over the water! Two clawed creatures grabbedHickson and floated him back over the water's surface andinto their UFO. They also floated Parker's unconscious bodyinto the craft. While inside, the two UFO creaturesperform-ed medical and scientific tests on the two men. About 40 minutes later, the tests were over and Hickson and Parkerwere returned to the bank of the river next to their fishingpoles. Parker woke up just in time to see the UFO vanishinto the sky. *** 29 HighWeirdness#4:AliensAlongtheRoad  The next time you go on a road trip, keep a look-out forstrange things in the sky and weird creatures in the road!Traveling on the road doesn't have to be boring, especiallyif you're traveling on the right roads...roads that aliensfrequently hike along! Between November and December of 1973, tall green alienswere seen by many motorists traveling through Poteet, Texas.The aliens were walking alongside the road while their UFOhovered above. The same day that Hickson and Parker had their encounterin Pascagoula, Mississippi, some alien activity was going onin Ohio. It was October 11, 1973. On U.S.Highway 35, just2 miles east of Xenia, an eerie sight was to be seen. Atabout 11:00 that night, three humanoid creatures in silversuits were jumping out in front of cars!On October 18, 1973, near Chatham, Virginia, two childrenwere chased by a short, 4-foot-tall WHITE THING with a large head and no eyes.Then on October 21, two silver-suited UFOnauts werejumping out in front of cars in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Thedrivers nearly ran off the road to keep from hitting thecreatures. The 1973 UFO invasion continued.Five days after Hicksonand Parker were taken aboard a UFO, a Taxi cab driver inGulfport, Mississippi had his own encounter. He was sittingin his cab on U.S.Highway 90, about 30 miles west ofPascagoula, when a blue glowing UFO hovered overhead. Withinseconds, a giant crab-like creature descended from the craftand landed on the top of his taxi! The cab driver fainted.When he awoke, the alien was gone.So the next time you travel, keep an eye out for aliensalong the road and UFOs in the sky.And don't forget to watchfor Mothman flying overhead...and old, black MIB cars follow-ing you from behind! The MIBs are everywhere!30 Case#9:TheFalkvilleAlien On October 17, 1973 at about 11 pm, Police Chief JeffGreenhaw encountered an alien in the middle of an old dirtroad just west of Falkville, Alabama. He was responding to acall he received from a distressed woman who reported a UFOlanding in a pasture. As Greenhaw drove toward the pasture,he stopped his police car when he saw the UFOnaut standing inthe road up ahead. The creature appeared to be wearing asilver space suit.Greenhaw got out of his patrol car and walked toward thealien. The alien was also walking toward Greenhaw! At thispoint, Greenhaw went back to his police car and got hisPolaroid flash camera.By then, the alien was 10 feet away,so the policechief snapped a few pictures of the UFOnaut! The creature mustnot have liked this, because he began to back up, retracinghis steps. When Greenhaw turned the blue light on atop hispatrol car, the alien turned and began running away at aspeed much faster than a human could run! The creature washeading down the dirt road toward Lacon, Alabama. Chief Greenhaw tried to apprehend the humanoid, but as hegave chase, his patrol car skidded off the road. *** 31 Case#10:TheTravisWaltonAbduction After the UFO invasion of October 1973 ended, a few UFOsightings were still coming in for several years. UFOs andaliens were a popular topic during this time. And onNovember 5, 1975, another UFO encounter was about to makehistory.Travis Walton worked with a group of lumberjacks cuttingdown small trees in the Sitgreaves National Forest nearSnowflake, Arizona. That November night, the lumberjack crewwas driving out of the forest on their way home in a truck.Suddenly, a light caught their attention. They thought it was a fire in the forest...but when they drove closer to investi-gate, they found out that it was a fire in the sky! A UFO was hovering over a spot in the forest. TravisWalton was highly interested in UFOs, so he got out of thetruck and ran over to get closer to the UFO. He was nearlyright under it! After several seconds had passed, Waltonbecame afraid, so he turned to run back to the truck...but henever made it! As he turned, the UFO shot a blue beam thathit Travis in the chest! After seeing this, the lumberjacksthought they were next...so they squealed their wheels andpealed out of there!Before they got too far down the dirt road, the light  went away. They thought it would be safe now to go back and get Travis. When they returned to the exact spot, the UFO was gone...and so was Travis!Travis Walton was abducted by the aliens! The beam theyshot him with knocked him unconscious. After what seemed like a few minutes, Travis woke up to find himself lying on top ofa medical examination table...with two aliens staring at him!32 Walton picked up some metal tube-like alien device fromoff the table and began to swing it at the two, short, uglyaliens. The aliens ran out of the room through a doorway.Walton also walked through the doorway, but went the oppositedirection down the hallway outside. He did not want to meetup with these two ugly little UFOnauts again! Travis searched the hallway for a door leading to theoutside. He wanted out of the UFO! He thought that the craft was still hovering over the ground...but it was really flying in space! When Walton opened a door in the hallway, he ended up in the flight control room. He began playing with thecontrol panels, trying to find the one that opened the doorto the outside. Luckily, Travis did not figure out how toopen the outside hatch -- that's not a good thing to do whenyou are in outer space. While Walton was in the flight control room, a tallfigure entered. Travis turned around and found himselfstaring at a human-like alien with long blond hair. Thehuman-like aliens (usually with blond hair) are calledNordics. Many other people have encountered the Nordic aliens before.The Nordics have been very nice to humans inthe past. But the short, ugly little aliens are usuallynot. The ugly little aliens with gray skin and big blackeyes are called the Grays. The Grays abduct people all thetime! The Nordic male alien was very muscular and wearing atight-fitting, blue jump suit. He escorted Travis out of theflight control room and took him to another area of the UFOwhere another male Nordic alien and female Nordic alien wereworking. The Nordics strapped Walton in what resembled adentist's chair and put a gas mask over his face. Travislost consciousness. He woke up 5 days later alongside a roadnear Heber, Arizona! He walked to a gas station and calledhis family to come pick him up.*** 33 Activity#3:WhattoDo(andNOTDo) IfYouSeeanAlienoraUFO When you are outside and see an alien or a UFO, thingscan get pretty exciting. Sometimes people don't always dothe right thing because they are so excited. If you want tohave a nice UFO/alien experience, it would be wise to followthese rules:  1. DON'T make any loud noises or yell at the aliens. 2. DON'T fire any weapons at an alien or make any threatening moves. 3. DON'T try to communicate with the aliens. Remain hidden from their sight. 4. DO take notes and make drawings about what you see. 5.DO watch for monsters such as Bigfoot while observing a UFO or aliens. 6. DO make tape recordings of any aliens talking or noises made by their craft in flight...or Bigfoot growling! 7. DO take photographs of the UFO, aliens, or Bigfoot. 8. DON'T take a photograph of an alien (or Bigfoot) with a  flash bulb camera. Some aliens don't like this and may  attack you! 9. DON'T shine any flashlights on aliens or on a UFO.10.DON'T touch a UFO. The outside of the craft may be very hot or radioactive!11. DON'T get too close to a UFO. The aliens just might see you and shoot you with a beam (like Travis Walton)!12. DON'T stay in the area observing a UFO or aliens for more than 15 minutes. If you do, you may start feeling dizzy or sleepy. This could result in aliens abducting you!13. DON'T get out of your car if you see a UFO or Mothman flying overhead.Lock the doors and keep driving down the road!14. DO leave the area of a UFO, alien, or Bigfoot sighting immediately if you smell a bad odor...like the smell of rotten eggs. This odor can make you extremely sick or kill you!34 GLOSSARYOFTERMS Abducted: kidnapped. Aliens have been known to kidnap peopledriving in their cars, sitting outside, or sleeping in their beds at night.Usually the aliens known as the Grays kidnap people. Most other aliens do not. AFB: Air Force Base.Gulf Strip: the southern-most regions of the states Mississippi and Alabama, including northern Florida and the southeasternpart of Louisiana. Many reports of UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot (swamp monsters), and weird activity come from this region.UFOnauts: combination of the words UFO and astronaut. AnUFOnaut is any creature or being that is seen getting onto orcoming out of a UFO.35