Z PWPML4D '92B<hfPCHAPTERTWO MONSTERSORALIENS?   **] [* Case#3:TheKentuckyGoblins One night, Billy Taylor walked from his relatives' houseon the Sutton farm and out to the well for some water. The Sutton farm is located in a secluded spot in Kentucky called Kelly, which is near Hopkinsville. It was 1955, August 21, at about 7 pm when Mr.Taylor saw a glowing UFO landing behind some trees out on the farm land. He went back in the house and told the Sutton family he saw a UFO that had lights chang-ing through all the colors of the rainbow!   The Suttons didn't quite believe Billy Taylor...not untilsometime around 8:00. Elmer Sutton heard the family dogbarking at something it saw through the back screen door.Sutton and Taylor went to the back door to investigate. Whatthey saw was a silver glow coming from behind the trees.Then, seconds later, the trees parted to reveal that thestrange glow was coming from the body of a little creaturewalking up closer to the Sutton's back door! Who would imagine that a 3-foot-tall, silver-glowing, Halloween goblin would turn out to be the pilot of the UFO?!14 Sutton and Taylor grabbed a rifle and a shot gun andbegan firing at the UFO goblin! They apparently missed thecritter. The gun shots scared it back into the bushes. TheSutton family kept watch from the windows of the house,expecting the goblin to come back. A few minutes later, thetwo men heard a scraping sound on top of the house. Taylorand Sutton opened the back door to go outside to take alook. Taylor ran down the back steps with his gun and into the yard. Elmer Sutton was also making his way out the door to join Taylor...but no sooner than it took Taylor to turn around, he saw two goblins on top of the house! And one of the goblins had a hold of Elmer by the hair of his head as he tried to go out the back door! Billy Taylor fired a shot at the glowing goblins and hitone! The shot knocked the creature into a mid-air spin...andit floated off of the roof and down to the ground! The othercreature was scared by the shot and let go of Elmer's hair.It disappeared in a puff of smoke!After this, the Sutton family locked themselves insidethe house. They sat in fear. Their eyes were glued to thewindows, hoping that the creatures wouldn't come back...but they did! The Sutton family were prisoners inside their ownhouse. They were too scared to go outside and fight offall of the weird-glowing goblins walking all around theyard!After a few hours of hiding in the house, watching thegoblins through the windows, the Suttons finally decided thatthey were going to make a run for the car. So when there wasno sign of the critters in the front yard, the whole familyran out of the house and piled into the car. They quicklydrove to the police and told them about the Kentucky Goblins.*** Case#4:TheSocorroUFOLanding  Another UFO landed in another small town in 1964. It wasApril 24. Socorro, New Mexico Police Sgt.Lonnie Zamora was in his patrol car moving at high speed trying to catch a speed-er, when suddenly he heard a rumbling sound. His first thoughts were that a nearby dynamite shack had exploded at a work site just off of the highway...but the rumbling roar continued, last-ing longer than an explosion. As the noise got louder, he could tell what direction it was coming from...up in the air! Zamoraabandoned chasing the speeder when he caught sight of an egg-shaped UFO, propelled from underneath by the blue-orange flames of its roaring rocket engines!15 It was 6:00 pm. The UFO landed in a nearby clearing between U.S.Highways 85 and 60 -- just 200 yards off of U.S.Highway85! Zamora pulled off of the road and got out of his patrolcar. As Zamora walked closer to the UFO, he saw two littlemen get out of it! The two UFO pilots were wearing whitecoverall uniforms.The two UFO occupants noticed the police officer walkingcloser, so they climbed back into their craft. It was atthis time that Zamora noticed a strange red symbol painted onthe outside of the UFO. But before Sgt.Zamora could get anycloser, the object's engines fired...lifting it off theground! Zamora took shelter flat against the warm, NewMexico sand. After the craft flew out of sight, Zamorareported the incident to some UFO investigators. Theinvestigators took samples of the burnt ground and charred bushes that were close to the craft. They also took picturesof the footprints made in the sand by the aliens' spaceboots!*** Case#5:PlantMan It was mid-July 1968. Jennings Frederick was hunting forwoodchuck on his father's land in Grant Town, West Virgina. As the sun was setting, he decided to walk back toward thehouse. Before the house was in sight, he heard a high-pitchedjabbering noise. It was then that he began to pick up amental message that someone...or SOMETHING...was sending himby ESP!The message was: "You need not fear me. I wish to com- municate. I come as a friend. We know of you all. I come in peace. I wish medical assistance. I need your help."16 Suddenly, Jennings became dizzy and disoriented. Hewasn't quite sure how it happened, but he was now caught inwhat he thought to be the thorns of a wild berry briar. Whenhe felt a slight needle-prick pain on his arm, he looked downto notice a thin green vinelike arm weaving around his ownarm! The plant's 'arm' appeared to have fingers, withsuction cup structures at the end of each finger! This plantappeared to be a living being...and it was sucking his blood!The creature was about 5 feet tall, with yellow slantedeyes and pointed ears...and its body was like the stalk of aplant. Yes, it was a plant man! After the creature finishedtaking in the blood it needed, the plant man leaped away fromthe scene...making jumps of 25 feet! As Jennings began to recover from his dizziness, the plant man was out of sight.A few seconds later, the sound of a roar-ing rocket engine was heard. The plant man's craft just liftedoff!*** West Virginia is a state in which a lot of highly weirdactivity occurs...lots of strange monsters, aliens, MIBs, andUFOs have been reported there!*** 17 Case#6:TheFlatwoodsMonster  Flatwoods, West Virginia is just a few miles away from atown called Sutton. On the night of September 12, 1952,several Sutton residents noticed some strange lights in thesky. And minutes later in Flatwoods, Mrs.Kathleen May andher children saw a low flying light land on a nearby hill,just a short distance into the woods behind her house. Afriend of the family, 17-year-old Gene Lemon, walked withMrs. May and her children...into the darkened woods.Lemon carried the flashlight, as they crept between treesand through the bushes. As the group got closer to the hill,they saw a ball of glowing light as big as a house! It wasspinning and wobbling as it made hissing noises. As thefrightened search party turned to leave the scene, they foundthemselves staring at two greenish-orange glowing eyes in the darkness!At this time, a very bad smell drifted through the air. When Gene Lemon shown the flashlight beam into the pairof glowing eyes, Mrs.May and her children saw a 10-foot-tallcreature with a blood-red-colored face! As this huge UFO occupant began to float toward them, they ran away!That night, these frightened observers became ill fromthe bad odor that the UFO pilot gave off. *** 18 HighWeirdness#2:Mothman Once again, West Virginia turns out to be a territory forweirdness! Residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginiareported low-flying lights all through the summer of 1966.As UFOs flew over houses in the area, TV sets began toexperience interference, and cars driving down the road beganto stall. Yes, it's a case of that famous EME associatedwith UFOs.People walking down the streets of Point Pleasant (aswell as in towns nearby) also reported another strangephenomenon: a noise that sounded like a baby crying. But the sound was not coming from a baby...it was coming from out of the sky!As people would look up to see what the sound was coming from, they saw a large winged creature!This 6-foot-tall winged creature was called Mothman inthe articles written about him in the newspapers. Severaltimes Mothman was seen flying near UFOs...or flying out of aUFO! Sometimes Mothman swooped down upon children walkinghome from school along the streets of Point Pleasant and alsoin nearby towns such as St.Albans and Mason.Mothman was seen most by people traveling along Highway62 through West Virginia. Mothman sometimes lands in the middle of this road and stands in front of cars! Othertimes, Mothman flies overhead, following cars along thishighway.At night, many residents in the area reported seeingMothman standing on their front lawn or on top of housesclose by. He is said to have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet, andlooks like a man with red-glowing eyes!19 Tad Jones of Dunbar, West Virginia was driving alongInterstate 64 in January of 1967 when he saw a UFO shapedlike a metal ball sitting on three legs alongside the road.A set of weird footprints was also found around the UFO. Theweird footprints were the same as those found at the TNT areaoff of Highway 62...the home of Mothman! Does Mothman fly aUFO? Or does he just ride along with the aliens? Is Mothmanan alien himself, or a monster created by the aliens?**** MothmanandtheMIBs Regardless of who or what Mothman is, we do know that heis connected with the UFO phenomenon. It is interesting tonote that the day after Tad Jones saw Mothman's UFO, the MenIn Black paid Jones a visit. They slid a note under hisdoor, telling him to keep his mouth shut about what he hadseen! (See Chapter 5)Another Mothman witness was walking to school one daywhen a black 1949 Buick pulled up next to her. Even thoughit was 1967, the old Buick appeared brand new...very commonfor MIB cars! And yes, when the car stopped, a MIB openedthe door and called the girl over to the side of the road!Later, at 3 am the next morning, she found a note at herdoor...it said "Be careful girl, I can get you yet!"**** Mothman,Ghosts&ESP As the West Virginia weirdness continued, many people whohad a Mothman sighting also suffered from a case ofmyster- ious eyeburn. What's even more weird is that several Mothmanwitnesses reported that their houses became haunted very soonafter their encounter!One woman reported that when Mothman landed next to herparked car, she felt like she was in a trance! Did Mothmancause her to go into a trance so that he could mentally com- municate with her by ESP? (See Activity #1)UFOs, Mothman, and the MIBs go hand-in-hand...they seemto be mysteriously related! If you're ever in West Virginia,be on the look out. If you live in West Virginia, andhaven't seen Mothman, then you may be lucky. But you aresure to see something weird if you keep your eye on the skyin Point Pleasant!20 HighWeirdness#3:Bigfoot BigfootShoot-Out  A neighboring state of West Virginia is Pennsylvania... and it looks like some weirdness has made its way intoUniontown. On October 25, 1973, Uniontown, Pennsylvaniaexperienced its share of strange, low-flying lights...andmonsters! A huge glowing ball was seen by at least 15 people atabout 9 pm that night. The UFO landed on a nearby hill. Three of the fifteen witnesses wanted to get a better look atthe UFO. So they got into their truck and drove to the baseof the hill. As they got closer to the hill, the EME began to strike -- their headlights dimmed and their truck lost power. After they parked the truck, the oldest witness grabbed his rifle...because he feared that aliens might be lurking about! As the group walked up the hill, they heard the loud,motorized noise that the spinning light was making. And outof the corner of his eye, Stephen (the oldest one with thegun) saw the shadows of huge figures flickering by the lightof the UFO. When he turned toward one of the figures, hecould see then what they were up against -- a tall, hairy,apeman!  As this Bigfoot creature approached, the other apeman stayed his distance. As Bigfoot got closer, Stephencould smell the horrible odor the creature's body was givingoff. The odor was very much like the terrible smell that theFlatwoods monster emitted. (Case #6) At its closest, this Bigfoot with yellow glowing eyes could be heard making a noise that sounded like a cryingbaby...just like Mothman!(High Weirdness #2) This was too much for Stephen. He fired a shot over thecreature's head...but it kept coming. It wasn't scared ofthe gun at all. But Stephen was terrified! He then fired ashot directly at the Bigfoot creature and it went tumblingoff into the trees. Stephen and his friends turned aroundand started running down the hill. As they ran, the UFOlifted off the ground and shot into space!Later that night, Stephen began to lapse into a trance,as if the UFO creatures were trying to contact him by ESP!**** 21 BigfootGoesUpinSmoke  On February 6, 1974, a woman was watching TV late onenight when she heard something knocking over her trash can. Thinking that it was a neighborhood dog, she got her gun andwent outside to scare it off. To the woman's surprise, shewas standing face-to-face with Bigfoot! Yes, a tall, hairy,apelike creature was eating rotten food from her garbage. Infear, she shot the creature...and POOF...it disappeared in apuff of smoke! This sounds amazingly similar to what happen-ed with the aliens in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.(Case #3)**** TheAtlanticNortheastBigfoot In the nearby state of Maryland, a UFO was seen hoveringover a water reservoir. The next couple of weeks, people kept calling the police to report Bigfoot sightings!It is true that Bigfoot usually hides in the forests ofthe Pacific Northwest -- in states such as Oregon andWashington. But occasionally, the hairy creature leaves hisbig footprints in other states...especially Pennsylvania! Itis not at all uncommon to find Bigfoot tracks near a UFOlanding sight the next day.**** 22 BigfootisBiggerinTexas  If you're ever traveling through Bigfoot, Texas, youmight want to go out hiking in the countryside. Chances areyou will see Bigfoot swinging his arms as he struts his hugestride, leaving weird footprints behind! Bigfoot, Texas hasbeen known for its sightings of tall, hairy, apelike men.And don't be surprised if you see a UFO flying in the night Texas sky...it's probably just coming back to pick upBigfoot!**** BadSmells&BigFeet Yes, it seems as though some aliens and other creaturesassociated with UFOs have some things in common: they leaveweird footprints behind and they give off bad odors! Anddon't be surprised if the MIBs show up to question witnessesabout their Bigfoot sightings...they do that sometimes!*** What'saMonster?  Sometimes people call aliens monsters, but are the thingswe call monsters really aliens? Are some monsters the petsof aliens...or do aliens create monsters to do their dirtywork? You will have to be the judge of that!*** 23 Activity#2:PickUpAlienImagesonTV!    It is possible to use your television as an electronic device to receive images of aliens transmitted from space!Of the many, many different kinds of aliens out there, theremust be some of them that use electronic means of communica- tion. Therefore, it should be possible to pick up theirsignals as electronic waves through the air!What you will need: You must use a TV that allows you towatch a channel that does not carry a signal. That is, yourTV should be a particular model that allows you to watch achannel full of 'snow' or static. Some of the modern TVs oftoday do not allow this, and they turn a static channel to ablue screen. If you see any blue screens as you flip throughthe TV channels, then you can not use that TV. You need tofind another one.Sometimes the blue screens and static screens may bedeleted. Someone in your family has taken them out of theprogramming. So when you surf through the channels, be onthe look out for missing channels. Try punching channels in,instead of surfing through all of them. Try looking atchannel 1, 99, or 100. Lots of times at least one of thesechannels turns out to be a static channel (STATCH). If you just see a blue screen, then you must find another TV. STEP 1: Once you have found the right kind of TV, punch ina STATCH. Watch this channel for 30 seconds. If you hear what sounds like music from the radio or talking like from a television program, then you need to find a different STATCH. Also, if you see a picture of a television program or commer-cial flash quickly on the screen and disappear, then you need to find a different STATCH.The STATCH that you want to watch should make a hissingnoise. Also make sure that the static on the screen isbright and whitish. If the static is real dark then thisactivity might not work very well.STEP 2: Now turn the sound down (or mute the TV) and watchthe STATCH. What you are watching is signals from cosmicradiation. This radiation was produced when the universe wascreated! By watching the static, you are watching the cosmicbackground radiation. This is where an alien message willcome in. When the aliens talk to each other, from planet toplanet, or from their UFOs in orbit around the Earth, youwill see a change in the static!Some people have actually seen pictures of aliens ontheir TV! Also the aliens have spoken over these channels!24 How to watch: For the best results, you need a clear view ofthe screen. A glare on the screen can cause you to misssomething. So it's best ifyou......wait until night time to watch. Turn off all thelightsin the room and close the window shade and curtains....watch on a cold night. In the past, people have gottenbetter results while watching when it's cold outside....sit directly in front of the TV about 2 or 3 feet away.Get in a comfortable position and relax. Stare at thecenter of the screen. Do not move your eyes. Watch likethis for at least 5 minutes...but you may want to watchlonger.What to watch for: Alien messages and images can take avariety of forms. Many of the images have been seen as......a change in brightness or darkness in the picture. If thescreen flashes from bright to dark several times, and doesn'tdo it again for at least 10 minutes, then you are probablypicking up alien messages!...patterns appearing in the static. If the random staticimages on the screen form into patterns such as swirls,spinning diamonds, or solid objects, then you are receivingalien images!...the picture or visual image of an alien being! Somepeople have reported that it is like watching a fuzzy pictureof an alien communicating from his UFO view screen! If you see this, do not be frightened. The alien can not see you. He does not know where you live. Just turn the TV off and leave the room for a while. Report what you have seen by writing a letter to a UFO magazine or the author of thisbook.*** TIPS: 1.If you don't see any alien images the first time you watch, try again later. Also try to watch longer.  2.You may want to use a VCR to recordthe STATCH for a long time. Watch the tape later for alien images. (Note: You can record a blue screen channel from a modern TV. When you watch the tape recording, it WILL show the static!) 3.Try watching a different STATCH sometime. 4.Watch or record the STATCH at different times during the day.  5.Watch the STATCH during a cloudy or rainy day.25 GLOSSARYOFTERMS  Bigfoot: A creature that measures from 6 to 10 feet tallwith a face resembling a man and a body resembling an ape.This creature has been called Sasquatch by the NativeAmerican Indians, and Yeti (Abominable Snowman) by the peopleof the snowy regions of Tibet. He has been called Bigfoot bymodern Americans because of the huge footprints he leavesbehind. Strange lights have been reported in the sky just before waves of Bigfoot sightings. Bigfoot creatures have also been seen near landed UFOs...and sometimes they go on board!Goblin: In books of folklore, a goblin is an evil spiritwhich resembles a human with a misshapen body.STATCH: Static channel. This is what to watch on your TVwhen searching for alien images.UFO Occupants: Any creature or being that is seen gettinginto, coming out of, or flying a UFO.26