Who Might Be the Beast?

For decades people have speculated as to who or what the Beast mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelation could be.

If you have read about our stance on WHAT the Beast is, then you know it is not the same as mainstream theory dictates. If you have not read our article on this, then click



There are those technophobes who speculate that the Beast is a computer that will be set up by a future one-world leader. This computer is purported to already exist. One of its servers is online in Belgium. The computer is called "Beast 6-06-6." It was programmed to control all monetary transactions in the European conglomerate countries (EEC) who now function on one monetary unit called the Euro.

Many theorists have hypothesized that some time in our near future, the world will be dominated by one world leader who will run Earth through the Beast computer. No one will be allowed to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast in their hand (a money card or implanted microchip or fingerprint ID) or their forehead (remembering a PIN number or having a microchip placed within their forehead). People will, literally, be scanned at check-out counters, banks, etc.

Some evidences that this is for real follow:

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We believe (at the present) that the Beast is a conglomerated WHAT, and not a single WHO. The Bible does allude that the Beast could possibly be a PERSON, though. The Beast could be the person who is in charge of the Beast computer. Or it could be that the Beast is just a very evil person who may be the devil in the flesh. So in case we are wrong, we have done some more research to determine WHO the Beast is.

With the advent of computer technology, it was possible to create encoding and decoding programs on people's names. Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" suggested that if you run a computer coding program on a person's name, the name can be decoded into numbers which can be somehow (using numerology?) translated into the number 666...if you are that special individual anyway.

According to a variety of programs and number schemes, the following people have been purported to have the mark:

  • The Pope

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Ronald Reagan

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Charles Manson

  • Adolf Hitler

  • Bill Gates

  • Bill Clinton

These are only a few of the names. There are allegedly many more. I guess this computer number-crunching method is not so great at determining who the Beast is, since it yields so many possiblities...some of whom are already dead.

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Of course, this is what you get when you only run the names of famous people through the computer. What about running your neighbor's name through that computer? Yes, the Beast could be someone lesser known...or not yet born!

A better approach may be to analyze some general statistics about people and their names. And to do it one better, let's also take a look at phone numbers.

  • The 666th most popular male first name is Hiram. For a girl, it is Christi.

  • Hiram is a Hebrew name, meaning "The Exalted One." Christi means "Christ-like."

  • The 666th most popular last name (surname) is Juarez.

  • There is no area code 666.

  • There are quite a few area codes which carry the prefix 666. I found only two listed phone numbers in the U.S. with a prefix of 666, and these two numbers belong to private citizens whose phone numbers are 666-6666! (I will not tell you their area codes.)

  • The prefix 666 belongs to the phone number of a pager in Washington, D.C. Is it Bill Clinton's? Who knows.

  • As far as businesses go, currently there are ten with the number 666-6666. They belong to two insurance companies, an investment company, a real estate company, a construction company, a bar, a liquor store, and three different cab companies.

According to this general information, we here at Space Port 666 conclude that your best bet for the Beast is actually a cabby named Hiram Juarez!

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